Housing Survey Results - Capital University Law School

Housing Survey Results

  • According to a recent survey of Capital Law students…

    Cost of Rent
    Average $849.32
    Highest $1,650.00
    Lowest $350.00

    Top Neighborhoods 


    Appealing aspects: Close proximity to Law School, ease of access to highways and neighboring communities, and lack of traffic.
    Commute: 5-10 minute walk to Law School


    Appealing aspects: Close proximity to Law School, ease of access to highways and close to restaurants.
    Commute: 10 minute drive to Law School 


    Appealing aspects: Proximity to downtown/Law School, lots of young professionals, mixture of urban and suburban culture, safe.
    Commute: 15 minute drive to Law School

    Upper Arlington 

    Appealing aspects: Quite and safe, great restaurants.
    Commute: 15-20 minute drive to Law School

    German Village 

    Appealing aspects: Proximity to Law School, quiet, rich historic culture, and lots of great restaurants. 
    Commute: Less than 10 minute drive to Law School  


    Appealing aspects: Clean, safe, affordable cost of housing, great restaurants, access to parks and recreation. 
    Commute: 20-25 minute drive to Law School


    Appealing aspects: Quiet, safe, affordable cost of housing.
    Commute: 15-20 minute drive to Law School


    Appealing aspects: Small town feel, lively, great restaurants, access to parks and recreation.
    Commute: 25 minute drive to Law School


    Top 3 Apartment Communities:  

    Most Common Utilities included with Rent 

    Most Common Apartment Amenities: 
    Washer/Dryer or Washer/Dryer hook-up
    Off Street Parking
    Covered/Garage Parking
    On-site Fitness Facility

    Proximity to School
    2019 Distance of Commute Chart

     Commute to School 

    2019 Transportation Type


    2019 Roommates Chart

    Out of 78 students who have a roommate, 10 reported they lived with another law student and 72% recommended living with a roommate. 

     Best Housing Search Advice  

    • You don't need to live anywhere fancy.  You will spend most of your time at school, not in your apartment. Save money on gas and rent by living close to the Law School.
    • Conduct a broad search for housing and when you find a place that you like, act quickly because rentals do not stay available very long.
    • Investigate the crime rates in the areas that interest you, it might make a difference in where you ultimately decide to live.
    • Pick an area of town where you feel safe and make sure that you are surrounded by quiet and respectful neighbors.
    • Test your potential commute before you commit to an apartment. Live like a student as long as you can.  Do not rent an apartment outside of your means or stretch your means just to have a nicer apartment.
    • Columbus has great communities- each with a unique personality.  Spend time exploring the city and find the neighborhood that best fits your personality. In doing so, everything in your hectic life will fall into place.