Housing Survey Results

  • According to a recent survey of Capital Law students…

    Cost of Rent:
    Average $605
    Highest $1,800
    Lowest $300

    49% have one roommate
    39% do not have a roommate
    12% have 2 or more roommates

    Top Five Neighborhoods:
    Close proximity to law school and ease of access to highways and neighboring communities.
    Cons: Restaurants and shops close early, few activities within walking distance.

    Proximity to downtown, great places to eat, and lots of young professionals.
    Cons: Expensive in comparison to other neighborhoods.

    German Village
    Pros: Proximity to downtown, quiet and unique neighborhood, lots of great restaurants. 
    Cons: Crowded, poor parking options, very icy streets in the winter. 

    Upper Arlington
    Very quiet and safe, great access to Columbus area attractions.
    Cons: Distance from Law School.

    Victorian Village
    Pros: Great energy and diverse community, proximity to Short North and downtown.
    Cons: Lack of parking and high cost of rent.

    Top 10 apartment communities: 

    Belmont Apartments

    The Quarry

    Arena Crossing

    Grant Oaks 
    Runaway Bay

    Sawmill Crossings
    Water’s Edge
    College Park Apartments

    Most common utilities included in rent:

    Most common apartment amenities:
    Off-street parking
    Washer/Dryer or Washer/Dryer hook-up
    Covered/Garage Parking
    On-site laundry facility

    46% less than 5 miles
    29% 5-10 miles
    12% 10-15 miles
    10% 15-20 miles
    3%  more than 20 miles