Cost of Attendance Tables - Capital University Law School

Cost of Attendance Tables

  • Tuition at Capital University Law School is assessed on a strict per-credit-hour basis. The tuition rate for the 2023-2024 academic year is $1,465 per credit hour. The charges below are the estimated amounts based on average enrollment in your program. Any adjustment to your credit hour load will result in an increase or decrease in tuition charges.

    The Cost of Attendance tables below contain estimated tuition costs for each program. Please see the curriculum for your program for specific course information:

    Your actual tuition charges will depend on the number of credit hours for which you register. Any changes to your registration during the semester will result in a billing adjustment and adjustments to your total cost of attendance.

    Please review the tuition refund and Financial Aid – Title IV Refund policies for specific information on adjustments:

    Incoming Students 

    Fall 2023 / Spring 2024      Fall 2023 / Spring 2024  
    Total Estimated credit hours: 29    Total Estimated credit hours: 22* 
    Tuition $42,485    Tuition  $32,230 
    Technology Fee $280    Technology Fee $280 
    Health & Wellness Fee $110    Total Charges  $32,510 
    Total Charges $42,875       
          Books/Supplies      $1,100 
    Books/Supplies  $1,620    Living Expenses                                          $19,845 
    Living Expenses $19,845    Loan Fees (annual average)      $844 
    Loan Fees (annual average)  $844       
          2023-24 Budget (Cost of Attendance)  $54,299 
    2023-24 Budget (Cost of Attendance)  $65,184       
    Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 / Summer 2024
    Total Estimated credit hours: 26**
    Tuition $38,090 
    Technology Fee $280 
    Total Charges $38,370 
    Books/Supplies  $1,650 
    Living Expenses $26,460 
    Loan Fees (annual average)  $844 
    2023-24 Budget (Cost of Attendance)  $67,324 

    *Please note that part-time day students take between 8-12 hours each semester. This estimate is based on 11 hours in the fall and 11 hours in the spring. Actual tuition charges will vary based on registered hours per semester.
    **First-Year Evening Students are required to take 5 credit hours in their first summer term.
    ***The 2023-2024 Financial Aid award year includes your Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 costs only.  Although tuition rates will not change during the summer term, summer credit hours will be included in the 2024-2025 Financial Aid award year. 

    Books: Incoming students should budget in advance for purchasing books. First assignments are distributed prior to the start of the semester; however, financial aid is not disbursed to accounts, and credit refunds not available until the first week of classes. The book allotment is based on the average costs of books for required texts. Supplemental readings and materials are not included in the total cost of attendance.

    Returning Students

    FULL-TIME Returning 
    Fall 2023 / Spring 2024
    Total Estimated credit hours: 28 
    Tuition $41,020 
    Health & Wellness Fee $110 
    Technology Fee $280 
    Estimated Total Charges $41,410 
    Books/Supplies   $1,620 
    Living Expenses $19,845 
    Loan Fees (annual average) $844 
    2023-24 Budget (Cost of Attendance)  $63,719 

    PART-TIME Day & Evening Returning 
    Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 
    Total Estimated credit hours: 22  
    Tuition  $32,230 
    Technology Fee      $280 
    Estimated Total Charges  $32,510 
    Books/Supplies $1,100 
    Living Expenses $19,845 
    Loan Fees (annual average)  $844 
    2023-24 Budget (Cost of Attendance)  $54,299 
    Room/Board/Personal Expenses: After loan fees, the 9-month living expense comes to a monthly allowance of approximately $2,205.  While each student's personal expenses will vary, the living expense is the same for all students and is the maximum amount of financial aid that may be disbursed by the university.  If you plan to fund your living expenses solely with financial aid, you must plan and maintain a personal budget within your living allowance.