Withdrawal or Leave of Absence - Capital University Law School

Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

  • Refund Policy
    If you officially withdraw from the Law School or from a Law School course or courses during a semester or term, the amount of tuition due the Law School is determined by your official withdrawal date as set by the Office of Records & Registration. This date of determination is based on the last date of attendance in the class or attendance in school in general. If you have not attended class, it is based on the first day of the semester. The amount of the refund due is calculated based upon the withdrawal date as follows for:

    Fall and Spring semesters: 

    Weeks 1 and 2   100%
    Weeks 3 and 4   75%
    Weeks 5 and 6   50%
    Withdrawal after the 6th week   0%

    For Summer Session:

    Week 1   100%
    Week 2   75%
    Week 3   50%
    Withdrawal after the 4th Week   0%

    For Summer One-Week Intensive Courses:
    Must drop before 2nd class meeting 100%
    After the 2nd class meeting 0%

    Exit Counseling
    Once a Dean’s Action form is processed by the Office of Records and Registration they will notify the Office of Financial Aid of your updated status with the University. If you were disbursed Stafford and/or Grad PLUS loans while enrolled at CULS are required to complete Loan Exit Counseling when they take a leave, withdraw or graduate.

    • You may complete online exit counseling online.