Scholarship Renewal Criteria - Capital University Law School

Scholarship Renewal Criteria

  • Presidential, Trustees’ and Dean’s Merit Scholarships  

    Scholarships are renewed annually if the student maintains the required cumulative grade point average (GPA). The cumulative GPA is reviewed once per academic year after all spring grades have been verified.  If renewed, funds will be applied to the subsequent fall and spring semesters. 

    First-Year Evening Students:  The cumulative GPA is reviewed at the end of the required summer semester.  If grades for summer courses are not completed by the start of fall semester, renewal funds may not be available until after the start of the fall semester. 

    Cumulative GPA for continuing evening students is reviewed after spring semester grades.


    Presidential and Trustees’ Merit Scholarships 

    Cumulative GPA             Scholarship   
    3.0 or higher           100% Renewed
    2.75 - 2.99           50% Renewed
    Less than 2.75           Scholarship Revoked


    Dean's Scholarship 

    Cumulative GPA            Scholarship   
    2.50 or higher           100% Renewed
    2.25 - 2.49           50% Renewed
    Less than 2.25           Scholarship Revoked

    Endowed Scholarships 

    Endowed scholarships are awarded annually to students who meet the donors' selection criteria.  Most endowed awards are non-renewable.


  • Scholarship data for 2015 entering class   
    Number of students entering in 2015 131
    Number receiving institutionally funded scholarships 90
    Percent receiving institutionally funded scholarships 69%
    Range of scholarships $5,000-$30,000

    ABA Required Disclosures
    Scholarship renewal data can be found here.