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Mock Trial

  • Mock Trial is a student organization where students develop and apply the principles of trial advocacy during a simulated trial that is based on fictitious facts and evidence. The Mock Trial team learns how to conduct a trial from start to finish. Students are taught how to think and act like a trial lawyer. They plan, draft and present opening statements, direct examinations, cross-examinations and closing arguments. Mock Trial also teaches students how to object to evidence properly, how to handle objections raised against them, as well as how to handle various courtroom procedures like entering evidence or impeaching witnesses. These experiences are unlike anything that can be taught in a classroom because students learn to deal with the unexpected, just like they will have to do in practice. 

    Third year day and evening and fourth year evening students who participate on the team will be eligible for 1 credit hour (trial advocacy is a pre- or co-requisite). Second year students are eligible for fellow positions but do not receive academic credit. Mock Trial Fellows will travel with the team to the competition and will provide assistance throughout the process. 

    The Mock Trial team competes in the annual American Association for Justice’s (AAJ) Mock Trial Competition and the Attorney General’s Public Service Mock Trial Competition.

    2015-2016 Mock Trial Team 
    3L Competitors: 
    Sandra Carrillo 
    Melissa Bright
    Sean Heffernan
    Jose Juarez
    Nick Kolitsos
    Alex Korecky
    Sharon Schnelle
    Kaitlyn Stephens
    James Choi
    Brittany Razek
    Mallory Rohr
    Chris Brigdon
    Chris Nolfi
    Thomas Spyker
    Yass Benis
    Sarah Ingles
    Chris St. Piere
    Larae Schraeder
    Zach O’Driscoll
    Ashton Guitunos
    Adam Rhodes 

    2014-2015 Mock Trial Team 
    3L Competitors:
    Bruce Moore
    David Swick
    Anthony McGeorge
    Adam Seeley 
      2L Fellows: 
    Sharon Schnelle
    Dmitriy Borshchak
    Sandra Carrillo
    Kaitlyn Stephens  

    2012-2013 Mock Trial Team 
    3L Competitors: 
    Hannah Botkin-Doty
    Brittany Collins
    Joel Glasser
    Thomas Jeffcott
    Jackie Jewell
    Keona Padgett
    Melissa Tuttle
    Ian Vita
      2L Fellows:
    Ayana Barrow
    Rebecca Cochran
    Karoline Faltas
    Miranda McKelvey
    Joel McKinney
    Ramona Sprague  

    Mock Trial News

    2015-2016 Mock Trial News
    Capital University Law School won first place at the Attorney General’s 2015 Public Service Mock Trial Competition, which took place on October 24 and 25. Two team members -- Kaitlyn Stephens and Sharon Schnelle – won “best attorney” awards. Only four such awards were given out in the competition as a whole.

    Capital’s team members included: Melissa Bright, Sandra Carrillo, Sean Heffernan, Jose Juarez, Nick Kolitsos, Alex Korecky, Sharon Schnelle and Kaitlyn Stephens, all members of the Class of 2016. 

    Seven schools competed in the event, which took place at the Franklin County Courthouse. They participated in the fictional civil telemarketing fraud case of Margaret Reynolds vs. Randy Graves. 

    Participants were judged by a three-person panel comprised of federal and state judges, as well as by experienced public service and private litigators. Students were scored on each part of the trial, which included motions in limine, opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations, and closing arguments. 

    Capital’s team was coached by four assistant Ohio Attorneys General: Scott Longo, L’ 89, Amy Brown, L’ 02, Frank Carson, and Patrick Denier.

    2012-2013 Mock Trial News
    Mike Valentine and Matthew Schrader had the pleasure of working with Capital University Law School students as part of the Mock Trial Program. This year, eight students on two separate teams competed in the National Mock Trial Competition sponsored by the American Association for Justice. One team included Hannah Botkin-Doty, Brittany Collins, Joel Glasser and Melissa Tuttle. Another team included Tom Jeffcott, Jackie Jewell, Ian Vita and Keona Padgett.

    Both teams performed extremely well at the National Mock Trial Competition. In fact, the Jeffcott-Jewell-Vita-Padgett team advanced to the semi-final and final rounds of the competition. That team lost the final round by only 2 points in a split (2-1) decision. Overall, Capital University Law School placed in the top 5% of mock trial teams nationally. In addition, they defeated last year’s regional champion.

    In addition to the above-listed participants, congratulations is also owed to this year's Fellows: Karoline Faltas, Ramona Sprague, Miranda McKelvey, Joel McKinney, Ayana Barrow and Rebecca Cochran.