Legal Research and Writing Program Overview

  • Capital University Law School is known in the Columbus and larger Ohio legal communities for training law students to be good writers. We prepare them for success in the workplace in the following ways:

    The First Year Legal Writing Program
    n their first-year course, students take an integrated approach to legal analysis, research, and writing in both the predictive (objective analysis of legal issues) and persuasive (arguing for a desired outcome) contexts.   

    More about the first-year legal writing program.

    The Legal Drafting Course
    In subsequent courses, students practice drafting documents in civil, criminal, and transactional contexts.

    More about the legal drafting course.

    Upper Level Requirements
    Writing skills are emphasized from the students’ first day in law school, through their last. 

    More about upper level requirements. 

    The Legal Writing Program has evolved to a coordinator-led team with the following professors responsible for various aspect of the program:

    Susan Simms, Coordinator of External Relations
    Janet Blocher, Teaching Assistant Coordinator
    Risa Lazaroff, Coordinator of Writing Developmment and Supplemental Writing Program
    Jacqueline Orlando, Coordinator of Professional Development
    Jeff Snapp, Coordinator of Internal Administration

    If you have questions, contact Professor Simms or the professor responsible for that area.