Graduation Checklist

  • As you approach graduation and the commencement ceremony, you should review the crucial information below and complete all forms, surveys, and applications. Whether you are a January, May or September grad, please take time to read each page over thoroughly.

    If you have any questions about graduation, please see Dean Goodstein in room 388 or send her questions via e-mail

    Important Dates

    • January 2016 graduates must complete the Graduate Application by November 2015. 
    • May and September 2016 graduates must complete the Graduate Application by March 2016. 
    • All graduates must complete the "Sign up for the Commencement Ceremony" form by April  2016.   

    Graduation Checklist 

    Commencement Ceremony

    Sunday, May 22, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.
    Mees Hall Auditorium, Conservatory of Music
    Capital University
    1 College and Main
    Bexley, OH 43209

    Arrival and Lineup
    • The back doors to the Conservatory of Music will open at 1:00 PM. These are the doors closest to the fountains, and marked by a big sign affixed to the building that reads, “Conservatory of Music.” Graduates must enter here.
    • Once inside, check in at the registration table and pick up your name card and hang on to it. You will hand it to Professor Strasser onstage when he reads your name aloud. 
    • Proceed to the Crist Room for lineup, which will start at 1:30 PM promptly
    • Once in the Crist Room, you will see signs on the wall grouping graduates alphabetically. It is essential that you follow Dean Beem and Professor Twiss’ instructions to line up according to those signs, to ensure receiving the correct diploma onstage. 
    • Please remember to bring your tam, gown and hood, along with any cords or stoles you will be wearing. Not all students will have cords or stoles, as they are associated with certain organizations. Under your grown, dress in professional but cool, comfortable clothing; it can get warm under there.
    • As you line up, you will be instructed how to carry your hood on your arm, and reminded to arrange your tassel on the left side. At a law school graduation, unlike many undergraduate ceremonies, tassels are not moved to the other side to indicate that you have graduated.
    • Please leave all personal items, including phones and purses, with your guests.
    • The main doors to Mees Hall will open to Guests at 1:00 PM. Whether your guests hold tickets to Mees Hall or to the live stream in the Huntington Recital Hall, they are encouraged to enter through this entrance.
    • These are the doors you first entered at Convocation when you began law school. 


    • Everyone who indicated on the graduation survey that you planned to participate in Commencement was given seven guest tickets to Mees Hall. Many of you also entered a lottery for additional tickets to the Huntington Recital Hall. By the time you read this, you should have your tickets in your possession. If you do not, please contact Pat Fitzpatrick at or call 614-236-7305. 
    • Tickets to Mees Hall are dark blue, while tickets to the live stream are white. Guests will be required to present the correct tickets to the ushers at the doors of each Hall.
    • No one will be admitted or readmitted to Commencement without a guest ticket. Signage and volunteers will advise guests to hold onto their tickets if they leave the Conservatory and wish to re-enter.
    • Infants and toddlers may sit on adults’ laps. A child three years or older should have a seat and thus needs a ticket.

    If you indicated on your graduation survey that any of your guests need special accommodations, a member of the Student Affairs staff will contact you with the information your guests will need that day. Unless a wheelchair space is reserved specifically for a person in a wheelchair, every space in Mees Hall will contain seats. If you have recently discovered that one of your ticket-holders will attend in a wheelchair, please email Pat Fitzpatrick.

    Hoods and Hooding
    Established in the 14th century, scholars display academic achievement by wearing hoods. The hood is a cloak that is worn over the doctoral gown. The colors of the hood represent the school colors as well as the academic degree achieved. For law graduates, this is the color purple.

    The vast majority of you will be hooded by faculty members or deans who are experienced at hooding graduates. You may not request any particular faculty member to hood you.

    A volunteer will release you from your rows to go on stage. Please follow his or her cues. In the coming weeks, a YouTube video of how to hood and be hooded will be sent to all graduates. Please watch it and share it with family hooders.

    Hooding by Relatives and Mentors
    If you indicated on your graduation survey that a relative or mentor will hood you, please provide them with the following information:
    • They must already hold a ticket to Commencement
    • A seat with their name will be reserved in the hooder section, up front, house right, near the steps to the stage.
    • Hooders must report to their seats for hooder training with Dean Beem at 1:30 PM.
    • Business attire is appropriate for hooders. 

    Stage Procedure
    • A staff member will release graduates by rows. 
    • You will walk from your seat to the steps at stage left, house right, where Dean Beattie will help you up the stairs. 
    • Bring your name card and hood with you, the latter over your left arm. 
    • Walk up the stairs and present your card to Professor Strasser who will read your name aloud. 
    • Proceed to the hooders. 
    • Hand your hood to the hooder (faculty member or your family member). 
    • Face the audience as you are being hooded. 
    • Do not squat or bend over; the hooder will lift the hood over your head easily while you stand up straight. 
    • Once your hood is attached, proceed to Dean Janutis, accept your diploma in your left hand, and shake her hand with your right. 
    • Walk to President Bowman, and shake his hand. 
    • Next, walk to the end of the stage (right) to the Alumni Relations table to accept the strike plate that goes beneath the gavel you received at convocation. 
    • Walk toward backstage and through the door on the left to have your photo taken out of the audience’s view. 
    • Once you are back there, a volunteer will direct you back to the door to the Hall. 
    • Return to your seat. 
    • Don’t worry! This sounds like a chunkier process than it is. It’s actually quite smooth and natural. 

    • Processional
    • Welcome—Dean Janutis
    • National Anthem
    • Invocation
    • President’s Message—Denvy A. Bowman
    • Valedictory Remarks
    • Commencement Address—Janet Jackson, President & CEO, United Way of Central Ohio
    • Conferring of Honorary Degree—Dean Janutis and President Bowman
    • Conferring of Degrees, Hooding, Receipt of Diplomas—MT, LLM and JD
    • Alumni Association Welcome—Elaine N. Silveira
    • Benediction
    • Closing—Dean Janutis
    • Recessional
    Graduates’ individual photographs will be taken offstage, as noted above, right after you have accepted your diplomas and strike plates. Our photographer also takes candid photos throughout the day that are available for purchase online at

    Weather permitting, a champagne reception will immediately follow the ceremony on the lawn of Mees Hall. This decision must be based on the weather forecast three days prior to Commencement, to allow for cancellation of a large food order, if need be.

    Every Capital University parking lot will be available to graduates and guests at the Law School’s graduation. A campus parking map may be found here. Please print one and share it with your guests. Please note that all Capital University are labeled with an S or F, followed by a number. You may park in all S and F lots. You may find street parking in Bexley as well. Guests with mobility issues are best dropped off on the back side of the Conservatory near the head-in parking, off of Pleasant Ridge Avenue, where they may enter through the back door to the building.

    The bookstore will email you to pick up tams, gowns, and hoods when they arrive. When you bring your regalia to Commencement, please know that there won’t be anywhere to hang it. No hangers, please.

    Pronunciation Hotline
    If you think there is ANY chance your name might be mispronounced at graduation, please call the pronunciation hotline and pronounce your full name, as you wish to hear it read. If you are being hooded by a relative, pronounce that person’s name, too. Please do so, slowly and clearly, but naturally enough for the name reader to hear it the way it really sounds. The number is 614-236-6766.

    Am I actually graduating?
    Grades for graduating students are due on May 16, 2016. If you have passed all of your courses this semester, earned 89 credits and fulfilled all of your requirements, you are graduating. If you have fallen slightly short of these requirements, you may not receive a diploma until you do so. But you may petition the Associate Dean to walk at Commencement. Please note that I have audited the degrees of every May and September graduate. So this situation should not arise. If, however, you believe this applies to you, please contact Dean Goodstein immediately.

    Financial Obligations

    Your account must show a zero balance to receive your diploma. Please make sure your bill is paid in full at your earliest opportunity. If you need to discuss financial aid matters with Jeff Cisco in Student Accounts or Keleigh Chumney in Financial Aid, please do so as soon as possible.

    Concentrations and Final Transcripts
    If you have completed a concentration, that will be noted on your final transcript. Unofficial transcripts may be accessed in Symplicity any time. To order an official transcript, please contact the Office of Records and Registration.