Graduate Employment Survey - Capital University Law School

Graduate Employment Survey

  • All graduates are required to complete the at-graduation employment outcomes survey. Like financial aid exit counseling and the graduation checklist, the Law School is required to survey graduating students at graduation and then ten months after graduation to collect employment outcomes. For a look at past graduate employment outcomes, see

    The class of 2017 survey will be live in middle to late October. Symplicity is finalizing the survey and beta testing updates. You will receive notice when the survey is ready for completion.

    To complete the survey, log in to Symplicity and proceed to the Profile tab (located on the top of the page). Once in your profile, click on the Graduate Employment Survey tab and begin filling in the survey. (If you need your Symplicity account access information, please email and request an account reset.)

    Once your personal and demographic information is entered into the survey, you will be asked to select your employment status. You should select the status that best represents your post-graduate employment status. This may include:

    • You have an offer for employment for a position that will commence within 10 months of graduation
    • You are employed in a student position but a final offer for an attorney position has yet to be extended
    • You are returning to or continuing with your pre-law school employer
    • You are unemployed and seeking employment
    • You are unemployed and not seeking long-term employment
    • You have been accepted by another degree program to commence within 10 months of graduation

    Based on your selection, the page will refresh with additional questions to answer. The survey captures all forms of employment: short-term or long-term, part-time or full-time, legal or non-legal, etc. You should answer all questions. You will have an opportunity to update your survey six months after graduation. All information is strictly confidential and is only accessible by members of the OPD staff.

    January 2016 graduates must complete this survey by Friday, December 16, 2016. May 2016 graduates must complete this survey by Friday, May 19, 2017. 

    Failure to do so will restrict your access to your final transcript/diploma and may delay notification to bar examiners that you have graduated.