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Externship Application and Selection

  • Application  

    On the application form, the student should list the externships that he or she is they are interested in receiving, in order of preference. If those choices are not available and the student would also be interested in receiving any externship or best available, the student should indicate that on the application form as the last Site Preference. For example, a student may list a specific judge but on the following line list “any judge” or the student may list a few choices and then list “best available.” Applicants must submit a resume and an unofficial law school transcript.

    The application process will require you to use your Symplicity account. (If you do not know your Symplicity account information, please email OPD@law.capital.edu.) Deadlines vary and will be announced via email.

    • Log into Symplicity and upload your current resume using the Documents tab. If you have a resume in Symplicity, make sure it is up to date. 
    • Proceed to the Profile tab, select the Externship tab, and complete all questions in the Externship Application, check the Agreements for Resume & Transcript Release, and select Submit.
    • If the student would like any special credentials, experience, or  other relevant information to be considered, the student may indicate such in the field “Additional Information.”


    In making assignments, a wide variety of factors such as the site’s requests, the applicant’s year in school (preference is given to 3rd year day and 4th year evening students), the applicant’s prior externship experience, the applicant’s academic performance (overall grade point average and particularly the grade in Legal Research and Writing), and whether the applicant has any special interest, credentials, or experience for a particular externship will be considered. Most sites accept the student recommended for placement by the committee; however, some sites require review of an applicant’s resume or an interview before formally accepting a student extern.

    Notice of externship assignments will be provided as soon as possible and, when possible, before registration begins. However, if you have applied for an externship, you should register for the Externship class for that term even if you have not yet been notified about your placement. Students who apply will very likely get an externship, especially if they list several choices. Submitting an application, however, does not guarantee a student placement.

    Some of the placements, including those with the Ohio Attorney General, many with the state government, the U.S. Attorney, and the Legislative positions, require a report of prior offenses and a security clearance.

    Any student who applies to the Capital Externship Program and who is selected for an externship is expected to carry out the assignment. Otherwise the opportunity is lost to other students and the site. (An assigned extern may drop only with special permission of one of the Co-Directors.)