Academic Success Program

  • Capital University Law School’s Academic Success Program eases the transition into law school. Because study methods that may have been successful at the undergraduate level may not be as successful in the law school setting, the Academic Success Program offers a wide range of information to help Capital Law students maximize their potential for achievement.

    For Incoming Students
    The Academic Success Program begins with a program for incoming students shortly before fall classes begin and continues throughout the first year of law school. The summer pre-matriculation program takes place during several days and introduces new students to law school. During the program, the students:

    • attend mock class sessions that provide exposure to doctrinal subjects;
    • learn to use the Socratic method;
    • take mock final exams;
    • confer with professors about exam performance; and
    • participate in sessions that teach study skills that have led to success for law students in the past.

    During the Fall and Spring Semesters
    During the fall and spring semesters, the Academic Success Program includes a variety of in- and out-of class opportunities for all first-year students to work on key study skills, particularly class preparation and note taking, creating course summaries, conducting legal analysis, and exam writing. These sessions are in addition to the intensive training in legal study skills that students receive in their Integrated Core Competencies class. In addition, individual counseling sessions are available with the Associate and Assistant Deans to help identify any challenges faced by students and to create and execute an individualized plan to achieve improvement.