Military Law Society - Capital University Law School

Military Law Society

  • The Military Law Society (“MLS”) seeks to:

    • Advance awareness within the law school community of military law and national security issues.
    • Inform students of various legal opportunities in all branches of the military; to build social ties between Capital University Law School, the local community, and the Armed Forces; and, to foster alumni networking.
    • Serve as more than a student organization; MLS seeks to serve as a community. 

    There are no prerequisites for membership. Prior military experience is NOT required. MLS is open to any individual in the Capital University Law School community interested in supporting the men and women of the Armed Forces.

    Information or questions, please email: 


    2019-20 Leadership
    President: Fred Freibott
    Treasurer: Jason Woyce


     Historical Information 

    2018-19 Leadership
    President: Christopher Begin
    Vice President: Christian Brown
    Secretary: Christopher Curley
    Treasurer: Jason Woyce

     2017-18 Leadership
    President: James Young
    Vice President: Melissa McFadden  

    2016-17 Leadership
    President: Delmas Miller
    Vice President: Solomon Parini
    Secretary: Lakia Baldwin
    Treasurer: Michael Jameson
    Public Relations: Meggan Moore
    Event Planner: James Young
    2015-16 Leadership 
    Co-Presidents: Justin Smith & Keith Melvin

    2011-2012 Leadership
    President: Craig Minor
    Vice President: Jackie Collins
    Secretary: Angela Brown
    Treasurer: Belinda Harris
    Event Planner: Morgan Lyles
    Public Relations: Morgan Lyles
    Advisor: Professor James Beattie

    2010-2011 Leadership
    President: John Mingo
    Vice President: Anthony Flitcroft
    Treasurer: Angela Brown
    Secretary: Zach Mayo
    Event Planner: Jackie Collins