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Mediation Ethics and Professionalism


    "This block of instruction, like the entire week, was amazing."  

    Mediation is more than an informal discussion about a dispute. Mediation involves a structured process that must comply with the Ohio Uniform Mediation Act. For example, mediators must understand the difference between confidential mediation communications and privileged mediation communications.

    Ethical standards have been established for mediators. Anyone serving as a mediator in Ohio must be aware of the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators and the Ohio Uniform Mediation Act. In addition, Ohio lawyers who refer clients to mediation or who serve as mediators must be aware of relevant Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct.


    Anyone who conducts mediations, refers clients to mediation or represents clients in mediation.

    Competencies Learned:
    • Capability to state the expectations for lawyers counseling clients about dispute resolution processes as set out in A Lawyer’s Creed.
    • Capability to identify the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct related to Lawyers Serving as Mediators or Representing Clients in Mediation.
    • Capability to identify and apply the Model Standards of Practice for Mediators.
    • Capability to identify and apply the Ohio Uniform Mediation Act.
    Lead Faculty:

    Terrence T. Wheeler, Co-Director, Center for Dispute Resolution