Women's Law Association - Capital University Law School

Women's Law Association

  • The Women’s Law Association (“WLA”) seeks to:

    • Serve as an active voice on gender-related issues.
    • Sponsor frequent speakers and programs on subjects such as women in the courts, sexual harassment, pay equity, and other workplace issues.
    • Offer social and networking opportunities with students, alumni, and other practitioners. 
    For information or questions, please email: women@law.capital.edu 

    2017-2018 Leadership 
    President: Sara Valentine
    Vice President: Megan Nelson
    Treasurer:Maria Hicks
    Secretary: Andrea Lawson
    Fundraising Coordinator: Maria Hicks
    Director of Programming: Hannah Harris
    Director of Public Relations: Juliea Crumes
    Evening Liaison: Abigail Smith
    Advisor: Professor Gilles 

    Historical Information

    2017-2018 Leadership 
    President: Kelly Slone
    Secretary: Rhiannon Herbert
    Advisor: Professor Gilles
    2016-2017 Leadership 
    President: Holly Torres 
    Vice President: Hillary Hoffman
    Treasurer: Kathy Hoover
    Secretary: Lauren Larrick 
    Public Relations Chair: Lauren Augostini 
    Co-Evening Liaisons: Emily Hixon / Launica Jones
    2015-2016 Leadership 
    President: Chelsea Capezzuti 
    Treasurer: Alicia Walters 

    2014-2015 Leadership
    President: Leah Wolfe
    Vice President: Allyson Spivey
    Treasurer: Kathy Nguyen
    Secretary: Johnna Evans
    Programming Chair: Chelsey Capezzuti
    Evening Rep: Sheila Duffy-Long

    2013-2014 Leadership

    President: Laura Rush
    Treasurer: Amanda Florio

    2012-2013 Leadership
    Co-President: Ryan Preston
    Co-President: Sarah Kropp
    Vice President: Leah Wolfe
    Treasurer: Laura Rush
    Director of Programming: Amanda Florio
    Evening Liaison: Sheila Duffy-Long
    Advisor: Professor Susan Gilles

    2011-2012 Leadership
    President: Hannah Botkin
    Vice President: Jennifer Huber
    Secretary / Treasurer: Sarah Kropp
    Scholarship Fundraising Director: Ryan Preston
    Program Directors: Molly Dames and Molly Bogner
    1L Representatives: Laura Rush, Ashleigh Wex, and Erika Green
    Evening Liaison: Leah Wolfe
    Advisor: Professor Susan Gilles