Health and Wellness Medical Services - Capital University Law School

Health and Wellness Medical Services

  • Law Students are eligible to receive medical services at the Center for Health and Wellness, located on the Bexley Campus
    Students are strongly encouraged to call to schedule an appointment. Hours may change, depending on holidays, school breaks, or demand for services.
    We test for and treat a variety of illnesses, and perform a number of medical-related services including, but not limited to, 
    • Strep throat, bronchitis, influenza, ear infection, skin rashes, and urinary tract infections
    • Gynecological exams and birth control
    • Blood draws
    • Physicals
    • On-site testing, including sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, urinalysis, TB
    • Health promotion and disease prevention materials and brochures
    Prescriptions may be filled at a local pharmacy

    While Capital University Law School does not offer health insurance, these are a few of the options available:

    Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program
    The Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program (OLAP) is a resource for judges, lawyers, and law students to help with alcoholism, substance abuse or other addictions and mental illness in a confidential setting.  The OLAP toll-free hotline - which is available 24/7 - is 800-248-4343.

    If you are at the law school and have an emergency, contact security at 614-236-6161. For off-campus emergencies, call 911.