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CapLaw Partners: Information for Employers

  • Future CapLaw Partner:

    Welcome to the CapLaw Partners Program. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with you as we prepare to enter another year of the CapLaw Partners Program.  CapLaw Partners gives participating employers the opportunity to develop their workforce by equipping their employees with the skills necessary to become future leaders within their organization. 

    Investing in your employees has never been easier. By becoming a partner with Capital University Law School, you are making it more affordable for your current and future employees to pursue the educational and professional benefits available with a degree from one of Ohio’s most respected law schools. Additionally, you are supporting your employees’ educational endeavors and showing you value an investment in their futures. The best part is that employers can add this benefit to its existing compensation package at no additional cost to the company or its employees!  In addition to Capital University Law School’s reputation as a leader in legal education, we offer Central Ohio’s only part-time evening legal education program — allowing your employees to expand their professional skills while continuing to work full-time.

    A legal education is about much more than the law.  It’s also about managing complexity in a world that is getting more complicated every day!  The training, skills, knowledge, and overall mindset gained through a legal education can be applied to every professional endeavor. A legal education teaches discipline, negotiation, dispute resolution, leadership, interviewing, communication and analysis. It instills the kind of work ethic employer’s value. In short, the skills and knowledge gained in law school will enhance the value of your company's most important asset – your employees! 

    Interested in learning more? The links on the right will provide you with a wealth of information about the CapLaw Partners. We encourage you to explore these pages of our website and discover for yourself the benefits and opportunities available to you through this unique program. For additional information and specific questions, please contact your CapLaw Partner, Amy Haison, Associate Director of Admission by email or at 614-236-6344.

     We look forward to working with you and your employees.  


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