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CapLaw Partners: FAQ

  • 1. What does the application process entail for an employee of a CapLaw Partner company?
    Applicants applying as an employee of a CapLaw Partner follow the application process as outlined on our website. You will be required to take the LSAT, submit an application, and register with the Credential Assembly Service (CAS). 

    2. I have used all of my eligible tuition reimbursement funds for the year, am I still eligible for the CapLaw Partner Tuition Discount?
    Yes, the CapLaw Partner Tuition Discount matches the amount you are eligible for (up to $5,250 annually), not the amount you have remaining.

    3. Who is eligible for the CapLaw Partners Program?
    The CapLaw Partners program is open to entering first-year Part-Time students enrolled in the Capital University Law School Juris Doctor program, who are employed with a CapLaw Partner employer and are eligible for that CapLaw Partner's Education Assistance Program as of the first day of each semester. The tuition award will be renewable each semester you remain eligible for the program. We are proud to have Nationwide Insurance, Grange Insurance, Fidelity National Title Group, and Huntington Banks as our CapLaw Partners.

    4. Will I be considered for merit-based scholarship?
    Yes, in addition to any CapLaw Partner program benefit for which you may be eligible, you are also eligible for merit-based scholarships. All applicants are considered for merit-based scholarships during the application assessment process. Your total award (CapLaw Partner Tuition Discount and merit scholarship) shall not exceed the cost of tuition.

    5. What happens if I am no longer employed by the CapLaw Partner employer?
    The tuition discount is awarded on a semester basis. If, after the semester has come to an end, you are no long eligible for your CapLaw Partner company's education payment benefit, you will no longer be eligible to receive the tuition discount.

    6. How does Capital verify that I am employed by a CapLaw Partner company?
    Once you have been admitted, you must have an authorized representative from your CapLaw Partner company verify your employment using our verification form. You may obtain the verification form in the Office of Financial Aid.

    7. I am not sure about attending law school--why would someone who is not interested in practicing law attend law school?
    A legal education is one of the most flexible, diverse, and useful advanced degrees available. Many people who seek a law school degree never plan to practice law. A legal education teaches critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, and managing conflict. You will benefit from a law degree whatever career path you choose!

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