Summer Reading - Capital University Law School

Summer Reading

  • Prepare for the academic challenge that lies ahead with your summer reading.

    Faculty Favorites is a lighthearted survey of some of our faculty's most loved law and some non-law related books and films. Suggested Readings is an extensive list compiled by Capital University Law School Reference Librarian, Jane Underwood. We hope you enjoy these readings. Remember, the most important thing to do this summer is relax and mentally get ready for the challenges ahead. 

    Faculty Favorites 
    Suggested Readings

    Additional Resources for 1L Students
    Adachi, J. (1996). The first year law school survival kit. Survival Series Publishing Company.
    Moore, A. J., & Binder, D. A. (2010). Demystifying the first year of law school: A guide to the 1L experience. New York, NY: Aspen Publishers.
    Shapo, H., & Shapo, M. (2009). Law school without fear: Strategies for success. New York, N.Y.: Foundation Press.

    Note: These readings are NOT required.