Environmental Law - Hirsch


Course Title

Environmental Law



First Assignment

In the Percival, Schroeder, Miller & Leape case book, please read and be prepared to discuss, pp. 1-14, 26-60, 168-174 and 183-190.  Be sure to review the problem exercise at pp. 53-60 and to consider your how you would answer the questions it poses.


Required Textbooks:


  1.  Percival, Schroeder, Miller & Leape, Environmental Regulation: Law, Science and Policy (Aspen Publishers, 7th edition 2013) (ISBN 978-1-4548-2228-8)


  1. Percival & Schroder, Environmental Law: Statutory and Case Supplement with Internet Guide   (Aspen Publishers) (latest version)


  1. Stephen M. Johnson, Economics, Equity and the Environment (Environmental Law Institute 2004) (ISBN 1585760757)