SEMINAR: Libertarianism and the Law - Mayer


Course Title

SEMINAR: Libertarianism and the Law



First Assignment


David Boaz, Libertarianism: A Primer (Free Press, 1997) (ISBN 0-684-83198-8)

David Boaz, ed., The Libertarian Reader (Free Press, 1997) (ISBN 0-684-83200-3)

Ayn Rand, ed., Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal (Signet/New American Library, 1967) (ISBN 0-451-14795-2)

First Assignment for class (Thurs. Aug. 28): 

 In David Boaz's book Libertarianism: A Primer, read Chapter 1 (pp. 1-26), and the Appendix (pp. 291-94); in The Libertarian Reader, read the Introduction (pp. xi-xviii).