Law and American History - Mayer


Course Title

Law and American History



First Assignment


Michael Les Benedict, ed., Sources in American Constitutional History (D.C. Heath, 1996) (ISBN 0-669-39471-8)

Kermit L. Hall and Peter Karsten, The Magic Mirror: Law in American History 2d ed. (Oxford, 2009) (ISBN 978-0-19-508180-0)

David N. Mayer, Liberty of Contract: Rediscovering a Lost Constitutional Right (Cato Institute, 2011) (ISBN 978-1-935308-39-3)

Photocopied Materials (David N. Mayer, ed., Supplemental Readings for Law and American History, 3rd rev. ed. (2000)) [must be purchased in Law School Bookstore]


First Assignment for class (Tues. Aug.26): 

Read pages 1-50 in the Hall & Karsten book (The Magic Mirror 2d ed.), pages 1-11 in the documents book (Sources in American Const'l History), and pp. 41-47 in the photocopied materials (Supplemental Readings for Law and American History).  Also skim pp. 1-40 (Mayer article) in the photocopied materials.