Professional Responsibility - Professor Twiss


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Professional Responsibility


Professor Twiss

First Assignment

First Reading Assignment:  Chapter 1 from Schwartz’s Problems in Legal Ethics casebook.  Please note at the beginning of each chapter under the heading “Reading Assignment,” the text authors have indicated which ABA Model Rules of Professional Responsibility you need to read in conjunction with that chapter's reading material.  For each of the listed ABA Model Rules, you must read the ABA Model Rule and the Comments thereto in Dzienkowski’s Professional Responsibility Standards, Rules and Statutes.  

For each assigned chapter, students should have read the material in the Problems in Legal Ethics casebook and the accompanying Rules and comments thereto in the Model Rules book, and should have worked through the problems at the beginning and the end of each chapter of the casebook.  Class sessions will be heavily focused on the text problems so merely reading the problems prior to class is not sufficient – you must have worked through them.