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Professor Janutis

First Assignment


Professor Rachel M. Janutis
Fall 2021

Office Hours by appointment 

Course Format

This course will be conducted in a hybrid format using a mix of live, in-person class meetings, recorded video lectures with embedded quizzes, discussion threads, and midterm and final exams.  Specifically, this course will include each of the following components:

  • Weekly reading assignments;
  • Recorded video modules via EdPuzzle;
  • Discussion boards via TWEN ;
  • Live, in-person class meetings;
  • A Midterm Exam; and
  • A Final Exam.

Each of these components is described in the course syllabus.

Required Materials

Text:   The required text for this course is Tabb, Janutis, and Main, Remedies: Cases and Problems (Foundation Press 7th ed. 2020) (“Tabb”).  I also will post supplemental materials on the course TWEN page throughout the semester.

Media Platforms: I will use several media platforms for this course:

  • TWEN;
  • EdPuzzle; and
  • Echo 360.

You should familiarize yourself with each and register for the class pages associated with the class.  Each is described below:

I have created a TWEN page for this course.  You must register for the TWEN page for this course.  In addition to supplemental readings, I will post the syllabus, assignment sheets and other course materials on the TWEN page.  Discussion boards and exams will also be facilitated through the TWEN page.

I have also created an EdPuzzle page for this class. I will post required asynchronous class videos and will track your completion of those videos and embedded quizzes on this page. Edpuzzle is free for you but you must create an account and enter the class code for this class. The class code for this class is: zihfohi. You can follow this link to sign up: It is important that you enroll in this Edpuzzle class, so that I can give you credit for answering questions and watching the video. As described below, failure to watch any videos and complete embedded quizzes will constitute an absence.

I will attempt to record all live classes, and all recordings and all power point presentations used in live classes will be available on the Echo 360 course page for this course.  You should familiarize yourself with how to access that page.

First Live Class

Our first live, in-person class will meet on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 as follows:

Section 1—2:30-3:55 pm in Room 229

Section 2—7:30-8:55 pm in Room 241

Students are expected to attend the class session in which they are registered.

First Assignment

Except as indicated otherwise below, please complete the following assignments before our first live class:

  1. Read Tabb, pp. 3-7; 15-21 & 27-49. 
  2. Prepare Problem: The Waste Lagoon, Tabb, pp. 8-11; Problem The Lemon, Tabb, p. 13 and Problem: The Fired Nurse, Tabb, pp. 20-21. You need not prepare written answers to these problems, but you should be prepared to discuss the issues raised by these problems.  Specifically, please come to class prepared to identify which injuries you believe are compensable, what possible remedies would be available for those injuries and offer arguments in favor of and against providing relief. You should be able to identify support for your arguments in the assigned readings.
  3. View the Video Modules: Welcome to Remedies (available EdPuzzle) and Scope of Legal and Equitable Remedies (available on EdPuzzle).  Please note that Welcome to Remedies consists of one video while Scope of Legal and Equitable Remedies consists of three videos.  
  4. Post at least one original comment to one of the topics appearing in the “Scope of Legal and Equitable Remedies” discussion board on TWEN.  Original comments must be posted by 10 am on Tuesday, August 24.  You can pick the topic on which you would like to comment.    Please also post one response to a comments posted by one of your classmates by 6pm on Friday, August 27.

All posts should be between 200 and 300 words each.  All posts must be written in complete sentences, using proper grammar.  Posts should cite to a source (i.e. case name, statute, page number in the casebook, or other source) as appropriate to support the author’s assertions.  These posts are intended to replicate discussion we would otherwise conduct face-to-face in a residential class.  While discussion will be taking place online, asynchronously, I expect you to carry on discussion with at least the same level of professionalism and decorum I would expect of you in a face-to-face, in-class discussion. You may disagree with the ideas and conclusions expressed in my posts or the posts of your classmates.  However, you must express your thoughts, ideas, and conclusions in a respectful, professional, and constructive manner.      

I will post a syllabus and reading assignments for this course by Monday, August 16.