Civil Procedure: Jurisdiction - Professor Smith


Course Title

Civil Procedure: Jurisdiction


Professor Smith

First Assignment

Required Books: 

  1. Glannon, Perlman, & Raven-Hansen,  Civil Procedure: A Coursebook (4th ed. 2021)

  2. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Strongly recommend is Glannon, Perlman, & Raven-Hansen, Civil Procedure: Rules, Statutes, and Other Materials (2020 or 2021 edition).

First Assignments:

Monday, August 23:

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Watch Required Videos on Echo:

  • “Course Introduction: Civil Procedure: Jurisdiction”
  • "Review of Court System”
  • “Overview: Subject Matter Jurisdiction in Federal Court”
  • “Determining Corporate Citizenship.”

Read: (From Glannon et al.) p. 43-54; 61-74 and Constitution, Article III, Section 2; 28 U.S.C. Section 1332 

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For Friday, August 27:

Read p. 54-61

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