Advanced Bar Studies - Professor Twiss


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Advanced Bar Studies


Professor Twiss

First Assignment

ABS First Assignment:

Beginning on Friday, August 20, the ABS Fall 2021 course page will be available on TWEN. On or after that date, please go to TWEN and register for the course.  Click on the link entitled “First Assignment” and follow the instructions. The assignment will include watching an online video (approximately 30 minutes) and completing a bar preparation survey.  Be sure to complete the assignment before our first class session on Wednesday, August 25.


ABS Required Course Materials:

I am excited to announce that this semester in Advanced Bar Studies we will once again be using Adaptibar for the MBE component of the course. Adaptibar uses a patented, adaptive technology and licensed NCBE practice questions to prepare students for the MBE portion of the bar exam, which is worth 50% of your total score on the Uniform Bar Exam. Adaptibar retails for $395, but when purchased as a law school course requirement, the cost is reduced to $300 per student. To further defray the cost, Capital Law is paying $100 of the Adaptibar fee for each ABS student. Accordingly, the ABS course fee for the fall 2021 semester will be $200. You will have access to Adaptibar throughout the fall semester and through the bar exam. I will provide instructions for how to pay the ABS course fee during our first class session. All other required ABS course materials will be provided at no cost to you, including materials from Barbri and Themis commercial bar review courses.