Secured Transactions - Professor Cohen


Course Title

Secured Transactions


Professor Cohen

First Assignment

Required Text:

Douglas J. Whaley and Stephen M. McJohn, Problems and Materials on Secured Transactions (Tenth ed., 2017) (ISBN: 978-1-4548-8606-8) (Hereinafter, the “Text.”)

NOTE: You should rent or purchase the TENTH edition of the Text.  An 11th edition has been released, but to minimize your costs we will be staying with the tenth edition, which was published just a few years ago and reflects current law.  Copies of the tenth edition are available from various online retailers and possibly the Capital University bookstore.  You may buy or rent a used or new book; you will NOT need the access code for electronic access.

You may wish to use a textbook search engine like DealOz (link below) which searches across multiple bookstores and includes options to buy, rent, and sell.

You will also need access to the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”) (including Official Comments) and the United States Bankruptcy Code.  

The UCC and Official Comments are available at the links below, as well as on Lexis and Westlaw:  (on campus) (off campus)

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code is Title 11 of the United States Code, available on WestLaw and Lexis, as well as at the website of the Office of the Law Revision Counsel (updated regularly)

If you would prefer a hard copy of the UCC and Bankruptcy Code, I recommend: 

Mann, Warren and Westbrook, Comprehensive Commercial Law Statutory Supplement 2020, (ISBN: 9781543820386) (Hereinafter, the “Code Book.”) 

To save money, you may also purchase an earlier edition of the Code Book (again, only if you wish to have a hard copy).  Books published within the last three years should be sufficiently current. 


First Class

REGISTER FOR THE COURSE TWEN PAGE BY CLASS TIME.  The page should be available for registration the week before class starts.

Read:  Text:  Preface (pp. xvii-xviii);  1 – 17

Omit all cases.

Answer:  Problem 1


Second Class

Read: Text:  18 –27 (stopping before III. Leases)

Omit all cases; Omit problem 4 on p. 22.

Answer:  Problem 2-3; 5-6