Property I - Professor Cohen


Course Title

Property I


Professor Cohen

First Assignment

Required Texts:

Sprankling & Coletta, Property: A Contemporary Approach (West Academic, Fourth Edition),

ISBN: 978-1-63460-650-9 (Hereinafter referred to as “Casebook.”) (Hard copy – not Ebook) (Used copies should be available – feel free to buy one.  You do not need the “access code” that only comes with new books.)

Wendell, Peter T.  A Possessory Estates and Future Interests Primer (3d ed.).  ISBN 978-0-314-18369-9. (Used copies should be available.  There will no assignments in this book until several weeks into the semester, so no need to rush in acquiring it.)

Before First class:   

Register on the course TWEN page for Property I-A or I-B.  Make sure you register for the page pertaining to the section in which you are enrolled – A or B.   This page should be available for registration approximately one week before classes start.

TWEN stands for “The West Education Network” and the TWEN page is the course web page for Property.  To register, sign onto WestLaw using your WestLaw number, look for TWEN and registration for the class is easy from there. 

If you can’t figure out how to register for this class on TWEN, don’t have a Westlaw number, have lost your Westlaw number, etc., please contact the Westlaw Representative by emailing (Do not contact me, as it is almost certain I will be unable to help, much as I would like to.)

First Class

The Concept of Property:  Why Recognize Property?

Casebook:  pp. 1 – 15 (stopping before the line).

Pierson v. Post

Second Class

The Concept of Property:  Why Recognize Property (cont.)?

Review Assignment for First Class