Torts I - Professor Gilles


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Torts I


Professor Gilles

First Assignment


The required books are:

1.      Goldberg, Sebok & Zipursky, Tort Law: Responsibilities And Redress, 4th Ed. 2016, Wolters Kluwer. ISBN 978-1454868200.   THERE IS A NEW 5TH EDITION THAT JUST CAME OUT THIS YEAR – DO NOT BUY THIS NEW EDITION.  WE WILL BE USING THE PRIOR 4TH EDITION – WHICH IS MUCH CHEAPER FOR YOU.    YOU CANNOT BUY THIS 4th EDITION OF THE BOOK NEW  -- YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY IT SECOND HAND from whatever source you choose (the Capital University bookstore will have some second hand copies – and you can buy from them).    You do NOT need to purchase the add on for the digital Connected Casebook.

2.      Glannon, Examples & Explanations: The Law of Torts, 6th Ed.  2020, Wolters Kluwer. ISBN: ISBN: 9781543807691.  This book offers an “easy to read overview” of Tort law with some questions for you to try.  It is available to you FOR FREE ONLINE through the Law School’s Library.  If you wish to have a hard copy, feel free to purchase one, but again this resource is FREE online from the Library and online access is fine for my class.  

Questions – feel free to email me –



Your assignments - including for the first class - will be on TWEN.  Once the Law School provides you with access to TWEN, please add my class - "Gilles F2021 TORTS Section B"   - and look under "Course Materials"  for your assignments.  They will be posted by August15, 2021.  If you have questions, feel free to email me. I look forward to studying Torts with you this semester.