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Professor Cordray

First Assignment


Learning Evidence, Fourth Edition, by Deborah Jones Merritt and Ric Simmons, ISBN 978-1634606462 (4th ed.).  You will not need a rules supplement.

NOTE: If you prefer, you may rent or purchase the THIRD edition (ISBN 978-1628101003).  The third edition was published just a few years ago, it is very similar to the fourth edition, and it may help you minimize your costs.  My assignments will include page numbers for both the third edition and the fourth edition.

First Assignment

The syllabus and the assignments for the first week will be posted in the Syllabus section on TWEN in early August.  This class will be taught in a hybrid format with much of the critically important material being delivered asynchronously (primarily through short videos which are embedded with quiz questions and hypotheticals).  The first assignment, for example, will include a reading assignment and watching three videos in advance of class.  You will need to pause to take notes as you go, so plan to spend at least double the time of each video.  The PowerPoints and hypo sheets for the videos and the class session will be posted in advance on TWEN.


The course materials (including the syllabus and assignments) will be posted on TWEN in early August.  Please register for it then using your preferred email address: https://lawschool.westlaw.com/twen/.


The videos will be available on Edpuzzle.com; I will provide sign-up information in the syllabus (which will be posted on TWEN in early August).