Contracts I - Professor Cordray


Course Title

Contracts I


Professor Cordray

First Assignment


Contracts: A Contemporary Approach, 3d ed., by Kunz, Chomsky, Martin & Schlitz (ISBN 978-1683288152).  You may buy or rent a used or new book; you will not need the access code. 

Note: You need to get the 3rd edition of the casebook.  The earlier editions are significantly different from this current edition and cannot be used as a substitute.

First Assignment

The syllabus and the assignments for the first week will be posted in the Syllabus section on TWEN in early August. 


We will be using an online course management tool called TWEN.  Throughout the semester, the course materials (including the syllabus and assignments) will be posted on TWEN.  You can sign up for TWEN at  My Contracts I course will be available in early August; please register for it then using your preferred email address.


In addition to reading assignments, I will periodically assign videos for you to watch in advance of class (including for the first class session).  These videos will be available on; I will provide sign-up information in the syllabus (which will be posted on TWEN in early August).