Tuition - Capital University Law School


  • Tuition:  

    Tuition for the summer 2015 is $1,202 per credit hour. All Summer Institute courses are 2 credit hours with the exception of Divorce Mediation which is 3 credit hours.


    The cost of books/materials vary based on the specific course(s).

    Financial Aid: 

    Any visiting student seeking financial aid to cover educational costs, must arrange financial aid processing with their home institution. The home institution should forward a Consortium Agreement form to the Capital Law Financial Aid Office, confirming that the home institution will process all financial aid for its student. Capital Law's Financial Aid Office will complete the Consortium Agreement and will verify the student's cost of attendance, dates of attendance, and enrollment status for the period of study at Capital Law. Please remember, Capital Law will not process any financial aid for a visiting non-matriculating student.


    Visiting students will be billed via the Capital University's e-billing process. Students enrolled in a Summer Institute or course will receive an e-bill, via their Capital Law email account and prior to the start of classes, with instructions on how to proceed with payment.


    Generally, the home institution will forward financial aid proceeds to Capital Law's Financial Aid Office to be applied towards tuition and fees. In some cases, the home institution will send the loan proceeds directly to the student, who then will need to apply them toward payment of tuition and fees.