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Student Bar Association

  • The Student Bar Association is the student government organization of the Law School.

    All students are members of the SBA. The SBA is governed by an Executive Board and representatives from each class in the full-time and part-time divisions. Representatives are elected annually. The SBA is an active partner in governing the school and setting school policy. This organization fosters relationships among students, faculty, and administration, conducts programs and interacts with student bar organizations of other law schools.

    SBA Leadership 2019-2020
    President: Benjamin Winter
    Day Vice President: Trent Grohe
    Evening Vice President: Jared Miller
    Secretary: Margaret Wagner
    Treasurer: Haleigh Hamad
    3L Day Representative: Alana Biles / Amanda Gallant
    2L Day Representative: Brian Magorien
    2L Evening Representative: Jared Miller
    1L Day Representatives: 
    1L Evening Representative: 
    At Large Day Representative: Samantha Lewis / Caroline Mills


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    Historical Information


    SBA Leadership 2018-2019
    President: Hank Schaab
    Day Vice President: Jamie Bailey
    Evening Vice President: Emalea Helisek
    Secretary: Trenten Grohe
    Treasurer: Ashley Likens
    4L Evening Representative: Sara Valentine
    3L Day Representative: Tyler Hall
    3L Evening Representative: 
    2L Day Representative: Shafiyal Ahmed
    2L Evening Representative: Jared Miller
    1L Day Representatives: 
    1L Evening Representative: 
    At Large Day Representative: Justin Brownlee
    At Large Evening Representative: 
    SBA 2017-2018
    President: Thomas Spyker
    Day Vice President: Samantha Scherger
    Evening Vice President: Kori Mulligan
    Secretary: Kate Goins
    Treasurer: Rebecca Hamilton
    4L Evening Representative: Shaina Hombach
    3L Day Representatives: Dave Pellitier and Morgan Rae
    3L Evening Representative: Nickole Iula
    2L Day Representatives: Kimberlyn Seccuro and Hank Schaab
    2L Evening Representative: Emelea Helsek
    1L Day Representatives: 
    1L Evening Representative: 
    At Large Day Representative: Hailey Searls
    At Large Evening Representative: Sara Valentine

    SBA 2016-2017
    President: Heidi Callender
    Day Vice President: Giles Allen
    Evening Vice President: Theodore Kelly
    Secretary: Holly Torres
    Treasurer: Annemarie Gill
    4L Evening Representative: Marcus Ferguson
    3L Day Representatives: Steven Kramer, Ryan Wheeler
    3L Evening Representative: Thomas Spyker
    2L Day Representatives: Kelsey Schiffer, Joel Newby
    2L Evening Representative: Kori Mulligan
    1L Day Representatives: Gaea Kassatly, Hank Schaab
    1L Evening Representative: Emalea Helisek
    At Large Day Representative: Mo Flahive
    At Large Evening Representative: Carley Kranstuber

    SBA 2015-2016
    President: Jose Juarez
    Day Vice President: Noah Kurucz
    Evening Vice President: David Pulcheon
    Secretary: Sean Heffernan
    Treasurer: A.C. Sallee
    4L Evening Representative: John Cassidy
    3L Day Representatives: Brian Kocak, Luke Meenach
    3L Evening Representative: Carley Kranstuber
    2L Day Representatives: Heidi Callender, Ryan Wheeler
    2L Evening Representative: Thomas Spyker
    1L Day Representatives: Annemarie Gill, Kelsey Schiffer
    1L Evening Representative: NIck Konves
    At Large Day Representative: Hank Sonderman
    At Large Evening Representative: Theodore Kelly

    SBA 2014-2015
    President: Johnna Evans
    Day Vice President: Ben Humphrey
    Evening Vice President: Mindy Yocum
    Secretary: Zeboney Barranada
    Treasurer: Lina Abbaoui
    4L Evening Representative: Amy Flowers
    3L Day Representatives: Roxanne Alexander, Mike Short
    3L Evening Representative: David Pulcheon
    2L Day Representatives: Clarissa Smith, Henry "Hank" Sonderman
    2L Evening Representative: Ambrosia Logsdon
    1L Day Representatives:
    1L Evening Representative:
    At Large Day Representative: Rob Wilson
    At Large Evening Representative: Theodore Kelly

    SBA 2013-2014
    President: Max Hoff
    Vice President: Ryan Sander
    Evening Vice President: Tara Mondjack
    Secretary: Demi Johnson
    Treasurer: Lina Abbaoui
    4L Evening Representative: Emily McBane
    3L Day Representatives: Nathan Forb, Steve McCoy
    3L Evening Representative: Mindy Yocum
    2L Day Representatives: Jared Buker, Greta Heid
    2L Evening Representative: David Pulcheon
    1L Day Representatives: Noah Kurucz, Clarissa Smith
    1L Evening Representative: Theodore Kelly
    At-Large Day Representative: Adam Slone
    At-Large Evening Representative: Joel McKinney