Printing - Capital University Law School


  • Each student is given a $100 printing allotment good for the academic year which runs from Fall Semester to the end of Summer Term.

    Allotment balances that are not fully used during the academic year will not carry over to the next year.

    If you go over your printing allotment you will still be able to print and you will receive a bill for the amount you went over.

    If you are printing to the Global-BW-LawStudent printer you can release your job in either the PC Lab or the Library 4th Floor Casual Reading Area located next to the elevators.

    The Law-LabResume printer is located in the PC Lab.

    Log in to to view your balance, download printer installation packages, and get instructions for printing on campus.

    Printing double sided will not only save you money but will help Capital University Law School preserve the environment and save energy.

    Note: If you are using a university computer such as one in the PC Lab and you just changed your password while on that machine, you will need to log off and log back on in order to use the printers.