Parking and Security Services - Capital University Law School

Parking and Security Services

  • Parking 

    The Law School provides free parking for students, faculty and staff. Given recent changes to available parking lots, below is an outline of the current parking plan and options (as of 8/30/2020). This parking plan is not written in stone. It will be monitored and adjusted as needed.

    Student Parking 

    • Students may park in lots #2, an existing lot next to the Law School, and #4, a Franklin University parking lot on East Rich Street, just east of South Grant Avenue, which is an 8-minute walk from the Law School. Additionally, after 5:00pm, students may park in lot #3 - a new lot on East Oak Street behind the newly-constructed red building.
    • Lot #4 at Franklin University is split by the Rich Street Lofts Building into lots A and B
      • Lot A is on the western side of the building and there are 12 available spaces for CULS students, which are marked as “Valet 1” through “Valet 12.
      • Lot B is on the eastern side of the building and there are 138 spaces for CULS students, which are marked either as “OH” or “Valet.”
      • You can enter Lot A or B from either East Rich Street or East Walnut Street.
      • Please display your CULS hang tag as you do in Capital parking lots.

    Faculty and Staff

    • Faculty and staff may park in lots #1, an existing lot behind the Law School, and #3, lot on East Oak Street behind the newly-constructed red building.

    Capital University Law School Parking Map

    Visitor Parking

    Six (6) visitor parking spots are located in Lot #2, located on the corner of Broad Street and Grant Avenue accessible via Capital Street. Guests must have prior permission to park in these spots. All guest parking requests must be approved by Security.

    Shuttle Service

    Two passenger vans, each capable of carrying 11 passengers and a driver, will run constant loops between the Law School and lot #4. The van schedule will be based on the class schedule and employee work schedules and will be adjusted to meet rider volume. Schedules will be adjusted to accommodate future class schedules.

    Security Escort

    A security guard is available after 6:00 PM to accompany you to your vehicle. See the security officer stationed at the Capital Lobby entrance for assistance.

    Parking Permits

    All current and new Capital University Law School students must apply for their parking permit online. Complete the Parking Permit Application online. Please note, the online application is secure and encrypted; all information required for the Capital University parking permit will be kept confidential.

    All faculty and staff are required to have proper parking permits (F permit) displayed at all times when parking in university lots. This parking pass is also proper for parking on the Bexley campus. Should you require a new parking permit or an additional permit for another vehicle, please email