Our Commitment - Capital University Law School

Our Commitment

  • Traditionally, law schools have done a good job of preparing students to “think like lawyers.” At Capital University Law School, we also think it’s important that our students learn to work like lawyers.

    The Capital curriculum ensures students can analyze cases, spot issues, advocate positions and possess the other foundational elements of a legal education. But Capital is committed to being a leader in the design of its curriculum – to ensure our students possess the hands-on skills that will allow them to serve their clients and employers, and to achieve success faster after graduation.

    That’s why we offer a diverse array of experiential learning opportunities that prepare our students for their first day as lawyers. Plus, we continue to evaluate and update our curriculum to emphasize the nine essential skills sets attorneys need to be successful: legal analysis and interpretation; problem solving; legal writing; legal research; litigation and advocacy; business and transactional skills; interpersonal skills; project management and administrative skills; and leadership skills.