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Incoming 1Ls, Meet Your Professors: Melinda Molina

6/29/2021  - 

Professor Melinda Molina enjoys teaching, traveling, and taking her two dogs for walks. She began teaching at Capital in 2010 after completing a fellowship at the Ronald H. Brown Center for Civil Rights and Economic Development at St. John’s University School of Law. Before joining academia, she was an associate in the New York office of Sullivan and Cromwell LLP. Professor Molina serves as the faculty advisor to the Hispanic Law Students Association.

In the Classroom…

What courses do you teach?
I teach Torts I & II, a White Collar Crime Seminar, White Collar Crime Practicum, and Professional Responsibility.

What legal issue fascinates you?
I am fascinated by the recent enactment of restrictive voter-access measures in several states—namely, noncitizen voter registration purges and proof of citizenship requirements. There have been several court challenges. I am interested in whether the courts will uphold or strike down these types of measures.

When you were in Law School…

Where did you go to law school?
Rutgers University College of Law-Newark.

What was your fondest memory of being a 1L?
Being able to correctly answer the professor’s question the first time I was called on in my Torts class. I stumbled a bit at first but was able to gain my composure. I started to realize that I would be just fine.

What was your scariest 1L memory?
The first time I was called on by my professor to answer a question in my Torts class.

Your advice to incoming law students…

What should students do to prepare the summer before law school?
R&R – meaning rest & relaxation!

Your best piece of advice to prepare for first year?
Don’t be afraid to approach your professors for advice. Go meet them in their offices! They are professors because they like helping students, so don’t feel like you are bothering them by making yourself known. I have an open door policy; so at the start of the fall semester swing by my office. I can offer some additional advice and tips for the first year.

Your Favorites…

What’s your favorite book?
I cannot pick one so here are my top four, in no particular order :(1) “Down These Mean Streets” by Piri Thomas; (2) “Native Son” by Richard Wright; (3) “La Vida: A Puerto Rican Family in the Culture of Poverty – San Juan and New York” by Oscar Lewis and (4) anything by Hunter S. Thompson.

What’s your favorite movie?
“Madeinusa” the first feature film from writer and director Claudia Llosa. It is beautifully filmed with incredible shots of the Peruvian sierra. The movie deals with grim subject matter but does so colorfully and skillfully, combining music, folklore, and the Quechu/Runasimi and Spanish languages.

What’s your favorite local restaurant?
“The Top” a traditional steakhouse in Bexley. It is a “treat yourself” moment but well worth it! Curio At Harvest in German Village for cocktails.

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