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Incoming 1Ls, Meet Your Professors: Jennifer Wondracek

6/14/2021  - 

Professor Jennifer Wondracek brings thirteen years of law librarian and teaching experience to the law school. Professor Wondracek most recently served as the Director of Legal Educational Technology for UNT Dallas, which allowed her to build her expertise in legal technology and help establish a technology competency requirement for the JD program at the school. In January 2021, Professor Wondracek was selected as an ABA LTRC Women of Legal Tech honoree. Prior to becoming a law librarian, Professor Wondracek served as a Staff Attorney with North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services where she worked on issues of confinement and post-conviction cases.

Professor Wondracek has shared her legal research and legal technology experience over her seventeen year career with a variety of audiences at conferences and CLEs such as the ABA Techshow, the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Annual Meeting, the CALI Conference, the Dallas Bar Association, and the Texas Bar Association.

Professor Wondracek is an active member of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), including  several special interest sections, such as Research instruction and Patron Services (past Chair),  Government Documents (past Chair), and Academic Law Libraries. In addition, she seeks to be active locally, having worked with several of the regional chapters of AALL, including Dallas Association of Law Librarians (past President) and the Southeastern Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries, as well as her local Bar Associations, including Dallas Bar Association (Committee member for Continuing Legal Education, Library, and Courthouse committees) and the Columbus Bar Association (Legal Research & Resources Committee). 

In the Classroom…

What courses do you teach?
Legal Drafting and Legal Analysis, Research, & Writing.

What legal issue fascinates you?
The intersection of law & technology, and how each is evolving in response to the other.

Is there anything you implemented during the pandemic and remote learning that you will continue with in-person learning?
I am a big believer in utilizing the learning management system to its full potential. Combined with our recording system, it makes shifting certain elements to pre-class videos easily accessible.

When you were in Law School…

Where did you go to law school?
The University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill).

What was your fondest memory of being a 1L?
While studying for our Civil Procedure Final, a storm came through and knocked out the power. My friends and I had been studying together. Lack of electricity made studying a challenge, so we made up our own game, loving called “I sue you!” We practiced the Rules of Civil Procedure to increasingly silly hypotheticals made up on the fly. The people that I was studying with that night are still some of my best friends.

What was your scariest 1L memory?
Waiting for first semester grades!

Your advice to incoming law students…

Work is your best piece of advice to prepare for first year?
Rest up over the summer! Explain to your family and friends that law school is going to take more time than anyone expects. When you cannot spend time with them, it is not because you are ignoring or upset with them. You are just studying like crazy! (And ask them not to file a missing person’s report if you do not respond to voicemails during finals – true story!)

Your Favorites…

What’s your favorite book?
Asking a librarian that is unfair!

What’s your favorite movie?
Changes based on my mood, but it is almost always a Disney movie or a musical.

What’s your favorite local restaurant (food/cuisine if new to Columbus)?
I am still exploring the local cuisine! I have been very impressed with the German and Mediterranean offerings.

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