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Peer Advisor Podcasts Find Success Amid Pandemic

4/29/2021  - 

Not wanting to let the COVID-19 pandemic interfere with the flow of information from upper-level law students to incoming students, Capital University Law School peer advisors found a way to take the information right to their laptops or mobile phones.

Peer Advisor Justin Magaña, L ’21, who had previous experience hosting podcasts, suggested the format as a way to share information in lieu of in-person get-togethers.

“We used to have panels where the Peer Advisors would show up and have discussions,” Magaña says.

Peer Advisor Brandon Harmony, L ’21, adds: “These panels provided first-year students the opportunity to ask questions of upper-level students. However, the global pandemic restrictions did not allow the Peer Advisor Program to perform these panel interviews.”

“The podcasts allow us to be more succinct, more topical,” Magaña says.

Guests on the podcasts have ranged from current students to professors and practicing attorneys, according to Harmony. Magaña says the subject matter has included legal writing, professional development conversations, networking and interviewing, and they even brought in the students who scored the highest grades on their exams to share preparation and test-taking strategies.

Judging by the number of views, the program is having great success. Previously, Magaña says successful in-person meetings saw 30 students attend. The 13 podcasts recorded to date have been viewed 40 to 50 times per episode. “I’ve actually received pretty good feedback,” Magaña says.

“The podcast benefits CapLaw students by creating an avenue for first-year students to obtain behind-the-scenes information they won’t get during a class or studying a casebook,” Harmony says. “For most, the first year of law school is a mountainous challenge. Fortunately, the Peer Advisor Podcast provides newcomers with strategic information they won’t find anywhere else.”

Magaña says the podcasts may survive the pandemic with L1 students expressing an interest in seeing them continue. He noted that the podcasts are open to everyone and available through Spotify, Google and Apple Music. When a new episode is released, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Marcelius Braxton notifies students of their availability.