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Let Your Voice Be Heard

3/25/2021  - 

Capital University Law School will once again participate in the Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE). Student participation provides the Law School with helpful data to inform the Law School about what needs attention in order to improve students’ experiences.

The survey closes on April 17th. Students will Students will receive an email with a unique URL to complete the survey or students may go to and click on the “don’t have my login ID” prompt.  

Let's make sure we get 100% participation!


From the LSSSE website:

As part of the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research, LSSSE has been a provider of research products and services centered on the study of the law student experience since 2004. Through our consulting services, we help law schools maximize the usefulness of their survey data and their assessment activities. Through our research functions, we are a source of macro-level, empirical information about the law student experience.

Since 2004, 203 law schools in the U.S. (184), Canada (17), and Australia (2) have administered the LSSSE Survey, eliciting over 380,000 student responses—the largest such dataset in existence.

LSSSE adheres to the following core values:

  •         Rigor in research practices
  •         Responsiveness in meeting the needs of law schools and clients
  •         Diligence in voicing the student perspective
  •         Vigilance in remaining abreast of salient trends in legal education
  •         Openness in fostering strategic partnerships
  •         Dedication in working for the betterment of legal education