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Spring 2021 Semester

1/7/2021  - 

From: Braxton, Marcelius
Sent: Tuesday, January 5, 2021
Subject: Welcome to Spring 2021!

First Day of Classes and Remote Status: The first day of class will be Monday, January 11, 2021. Please note that the Spring semester will be online/remote for the first two weeks of the semester as well as the two weeks following spring break.  

Spring 2021 - Request for Online Instruction at Law School Release Due to COVID-19 Health Concerns: If you have a course listed as hybrid or in-person and wish to request to be online/virtual for that course, please fill out the survey. If your classes are already online/virtual, you do not need to fill out this survey.                                                                                                                               

Fall 2020 Grades: Please do not contact your professors about Fall 2020 grades. Your grades should be released no later than Monday, January 11, 2021.

Class times and location: Make sure that you take note of when and where your classes meet. You will find the class schedule here:

When we post the final exam schedule for Spring 2021, you will find it here:

First Assignments/Textbooks: You will find first assignments and textbooks needed for the Spring 2021 semester here:

Bookstore: Barnes & Noble Capital University Bookstore is located on the first floor of the Harry C. Moores Campus Center on the Capital University Bexley Campus at 745 Pleasant Ridge Bexley, OH 43209. It supplies textbooks, gift items, and Law School clothing. The Barnes and Noble Bookstore also has an online store that offers Free Shipping to your home.

You will find a link to the online bookstore here: or here:

Add/Drop Period: You must add a class by 8:00am on January 19th, 2021. To drop from a class and receive a 100% refund without a "W" on your transcript, you must do so by 8:00am on January 25th, 2021. If you wish to withdraw from a class after, here is the refund policy: All withdrawals completed after 8:00am on January 25th, 2021 will result in a W on your transcript.

Spring ASP (1st year students): Chapter 4 of the Manual of Policies and Procedures states that “Generally, the Director of Academic Success will determine which students, among those whose first-year fall semester law school G.P.A. is 2.3 or lower, are most at risk of being unable to complete law school without additional academic support.”  Professor Hara will reach out to students required to participate once grades are released.

New Classroom and Exam Accommodations: If you feel like you need academic or other accommodations, Capital University Law School is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act. All requests for accommodations (new or modified) must be accompanied by appropriate documentation and submitted to the Office of Disability Services. More information can be found here: The Student Affairs team only implements established accommodations. They do not have the power to approve, deny, or modify any requests.

Existing Accommodations: If you are approved for testing accommodations, which usually consists of additional time and/or a distraction reduced space, you must submit an Accommodated Exam Schedule Request for each exam to Pat Fitzpatrick, the Student Affairs Program Assistant, at This must be done each semester, and the form can be found here (and attached): The form is due two weeks before midterms and one month before finals.

Exam Conflict Policy (Illness or Unforeseen Reason): Just as a reminder, you should contact me (not your professor) at or 614.236.6402 if a conflict arises because of an illness or compelling and unforeseen reason. See CULS Manual of Policies & Procedures § 4.8.02 (B) (2). No one else can give permission for a student to take an exam at the time other than at the time scheduled. Id. You will need to complete the attached exam conflict form and submit it to me. You will also need to substantiate the reason for the conflict with appropriate documentation including a note from a health care provider.  You may seek medical treatment at the Center for Health and Wellness. You can schedule an appointment by phone at 614.236.6114. You can find more information here:

Exam Conflict Policy (Two or More Examinations within 24 hours): The Law School defines an exam conflict as two or more examinations with beginning times within a 24-hour period. See CULS Manual of Policies & Procedures § 4.8.02 (B) (1). Please note that this does not include exams that can occur exactly 24 hours (or more) apart. So, an exam that is offered beginning at 8:00am on a Monday does not conflict with an exam that is offered beginning at 8:00am on a Tuesday.  If you have an exam conflict, please click the link to see how to handle Exam Conflicts: Please submit the completed exam conflict form to Pat Fitzpatrick, the Student Affairs Program Assistant, at

Other Student Forms: If you need other student forms, you can find many of them here:

Library: (This is a message from the library) Normal Circulation service hours will resume on Monday, January 11th. We appreciate those students who have already responded to the Library survey ( have already started implementing some suggestions. We are starting a textbook collection, which will be housed in the reserve section. We will purchase one copy of the required and recommended textbooks going forward, and these will circulate for 3 hours at a time while circulation is open. This is not intended to be a replacement for purchasing or renting (the SBA program looks great!) your textbooks, but rather these are intended to assist you when you forgot a textbook at home, are waiting for financial aid to be able to purchase your books, and similar situations. We are still waiting on most of the books to arrive this semester, but you can check on the texts’ availability via the library catalog ( We will also be scanning first week’s readings as the books come in, so please send circulation an email ( once you have verified that the textbook has arrived in the catalog, if you need a copy. Keep those survey responses and ideas coming!

Spring Break: The Capital University Law School will hold Spring Break from March 15th through March 19th, 2021.

Commencement: 2021 Commencement is planned for Sunday May 23rd, 2021. As we receive more information, we will provide it to graduating students.

Information Technology: The IT Office, located on the 2nd floor in the annex, is open from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. The Helpdesk is located on the 1st floor, and you should seek help from them first. You can reach the Helpdesk at or or 614-236-6432.

Office of Professional Development: The Office of Professional Development is located on the first floor of the Law School in Room 171 but will be holding meetings virtually. All career and professional development services are available to all students attending the law school. If you need to schedule an appointment with Dean Beem, please visit

Academic Support - The Law School Playbook: Professor Hara provides many useful tips, so please make sure you’re looking at “The Law School Playbook” blog and podcast here:

Wellness: As a Capital student, you have access to health and wellness resources: For information about counseling services, please see:

Safety and Security: If you have questions about safety and security, please look here:

Title IX: If you have questions about Title IX, you may contact myself at For more information about Title IX, please consult this website:

Manual: If you have questions regarding policies and procedures, please consult our manual.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.

Have a great start to your semester!

Dean Braxton

Marcelius L. Braxton, M.A., J.D.
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Capital University Law School
Pronouns: He/Him/His
P: 614-236-6402
F: 614-236-6972
303 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215