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Scott Schiff Endows New S. Schiff Family Scholarship

6/9/2020  -  Scott Schiff, L’82, is a prominent Columbus civil litigation attorney and Capital University Law School graduate whose charitable giving has recently taken on a new form: a scholarship for law students in financial need. Mr. Schiff has a history of charitable work and giving, which reflects the values his parents instilled in him. The S. Schiff Family Scholarship is awarded to law students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds who are in financial need.

“I’ve spent my entire career working to help the people of Columbus find their piece of justice,” stated Mr. Schiff. “This scholarship is a great way for me to give back. It ensures that the next generation of attorneys has the opportunity to find their way into practice and to give back to society.”

This year, law students Andres Olivari, L’20 and Sasha Brooks, L’21 became the first students to receive the S. Schiff Family Scholarship.

Recipient Sasha Brooks said, “I’m extremely grateful to Mr. Schiff for the S. Schiff Family Scholarship. This scholarship gives me the opportunity to minimize my student loan debt and to concentrate on my studies.”

“I am glad that our Alumni are so generous with their support. Going to law school can be a huge financial struggle, and having help like the S. Schiff Family Scholarship allows students to focus on their studies,” said recipient Andres Olivari.

Rachel Janutis, Dean of Capital University Law School, also extended her congratulations.

“Both Sasha and Andres are great students and active participants in the Capital University Law School community,” said Janutis. “I’d also like to extend my thanks to Scott Schiff, whose generosity in sponsoring this new scholarship will pay tremendous dividends in the future.”

Mr. Schiff’s son, Zach Schiff, L’16, said, “Our hope is that these recipients will remember getting assistance, which will encourage them to give back to the Law School as well.”