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Why Ryan Wallace Chose Capital

2/22/2021  -  Ryan Wallace, L'21, has always had a dream of helping others and having a positive impact on his community. Becoming a lawyer is his pathway to fulfilling that dream.

Ryan earned his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University in New Jersey and chose Capital University Law School because he liked the idea of attending a smaller school where it is “much easier for a student to make an appointment or simply walk into the office of a professor and ask for help,” he says. “It is my belief that Capital has just the right number of students to allow the students abundant access to the professors. At this point, I am a regular in the office of my favorite professor, who also happens to teach my favorite classes, which are torts and civil procedure.”

An added bonus for Ryan is CapLaw’s location in downtown Columbus. “The fact that the law school is located in center city Columbus was a major deciding factor for me,” he says. “Its proximity to the Ohio Supreme Court, Ohio Statehouse and groups like the Columbus Bar Association just might be my favorite part of being in Columbus. The walkable access to these legal entities means a lot to me, and the good food and entertainment don’t hurt as well!”

He says he appreciates the opportunities to get involved at Capital, including student organizations and networking events. His externship even helped steer his decision to work as a child advocacy attorney. “With all the opportunities provided to me from Capital, I am in a position to achieve all my professional goals,” Ryan says. “I hope I can be as good to Capital Law and the City of Columbus as they have been to me.”

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