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Why Margaret Wagner Chose Capital

3/31/2020  - 

Coming from a background where educational careers are the family business, Margaret Wagner, L’21, intended to forge her own path. As an undergraduate student at the University of Dayton, she began to pursue a degree in criminal justice. She had always intended to go to law school and believed this course of study would best suit her future interests.

During a Thanksgiving dinner, while listening to her parents and relatives discuss the need for more support for educators, she had a change of heart. “I began to question the topics discussed and wondered how I could make an impact,” she recalls.

“As I progressed through my major,” she says, “I found a passion and admiration for the teaching profession as teachers and administrators worked tirelessly to make improvements in students’ lives.”

Margaret realized the need for more advocacy and reform and decided to focus on education-based law. “By being a student teacher in an impoverished urban school with little funding and resources, I received a small insight into the challenges that teachers face while teaching with limited resources,” she says.

She chose Capital University Law School for its commitment to its students, including the opportunities for externships. “As a law student, I have appreciated the supportive community of CapLaw and the numerous academic and extracurricular activities,” Margaret says.

She serves as secretary for the Student Bar Association and works as a legal intern for a small law firm in Gahanna while also clerking in the legal section of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s office.

Margaret hopes to continue with the firm following graduation, eventually branching out into the field of education law.

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