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Judge Markus Family Gift Honors Adjunct Faculty

3/7/2019  - 

Judge Richard Markus and his family have devoted their lives to law and the legal profession and have decided to do so again by rewarding the work of outstanding adjunct faculty at Capital University Law School. Judge Markus and each of his three children, who also are lawyers, have served as adjunct faculty during their respective legal careers.

The Judge Markus Family Adjunct Faculty Award will be presented annually to an adjunct faculty member in recognition of outstanding law school teaching and service to law students. The fund also will support a reception to recognize each year’s remarkable adjunct faculty at CapLaw.

“Throughout their professional lives, Judge Markus and his family have shared their talent and legal experience with law school students across the country and here at Capital,” said Dean Rachel M. Janutis. “As a result of this service, they have a keen appreciation for the vital role that practicing lawyers play in ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and rich education that prepares them for success in the practice. Their generous gift will help the Law School continue to bring talented lawyers and teachers into the Law School to share their rich and diverse experience with Capital students.”

For 30 years, Judge Richard Markus served by election, appointment or assignment on the Ohio Supreme Court, six Ohio Appellate Courts, 40 Ohio Common Pleas Courts and one Ohio Municipal Court. He also served for 25 years as a visiting professor or adjunct professor on the faculties of Harvard Law School, Case Western Reserve Law School, Cleveland State Law School and Akron Law School, and as an instructor and director of Forensics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Judge Markus also made contributions to the legal profession as the national president of the American Trial Lawyers Association and state president of the Ohio State Bar Association.

“Our family has been blessed to be members of one of the greatest vocations,” said Judge Markus. “Throughout my career, I have enjoyed the opportunity to return to school and help educate the next generation of attorneys, as have my son, Kent Markus, and daughter-in-law, Susan Gilles. We believe it is important to recognize the significant role that adjunct professors play to complement the education provided by the full-time faculty.”

After graduating from Northwestern University, Judge Markus married his wife Carol in 1952. Carol has been the Markus family stalwart, unrelentingly supporting her family’s law careers through her guidance and support of their educations, career progress, political campaigns and personal development.

Judge Markus’ family has been an important part of the Capital family for years. His daughter-in-law, Susan Gilles, is Capital University’s John E. Sullivan Professor of Law. After practicing with the Baker & Hostetler firm, Professor Gilles joined CapLaw in 1990, where she has repeatedly earned the “best teacher” award. Her scholarship focuses on First Amendment/Media Law issues. An innovative and enthusiastic law professor, she is currently working with several co-authors on a student-focused, online, interactive Civil Procedure textbook. She serves, and has served, on numerous law school committees, including chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, and is a long-time adviser to the Women's Law Association at Capital University.

Judge Markus’ son – Susan Gilles’ husband – Kent Markus, served as an associate professor at Capital and was instrumental in the founding of the Dave Thomas Center for Adoption Law and Policy, which is now known as the Family and Youth Law Center. He also has served as the general counsel and bar counsel at the Columbus Bar Association, chief of enforcement and counselor to the director at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, chief legal counsel and chief ethics officer for Ohio’s governor; counselor to the U.S. Attorney General; deputy chief of staff for the U.S. Department of Justice; and first assistant and chief of staff for Ohio’s Attorney General. In addition to his work at Capital, Kent served as an adjunct professor at Cleveland State University Law School.

Judge Markus’ daughter, Linda Markus Daniels, is a founding principal of Daniels & Daniels, P.A., a boutique technology and international law firm and the first law firm in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Linda has been named to the North Carolina “Legal Elite” and received the awards as a "Financial Impact Leader," a “Woman Extraordinaire” and as the “Top IT Support Service Provider,” as well as chairing the International Section of the North Carolina Bar Association for two years. She has served as an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Duke University Law School. Linda’s husband and the co-founder of the law firm, Walter Daniels, has served as an adjunct professor at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.

His other son, Scott Markus, is a longtime mediator dealing with complex litigation disputes in San Diego. As one of California’s top mediators, he prides himself on being “the last person to give up on a settlement,” and has served as an adjunct professor teaching Alternative Dispute Resolution at California Western Law School in San Diego. 

The inaugural Judge Markus Family Adjunct Faculty Award will be awarded at a reception on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, hosted by the Law School.