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Why Ryan Stewart Chose Capital

2/26/2019  -  For Ryan Stewart, L’20, law school wasn’t always his destiny. However, while completing his undergraduate degree in political science at The Ohio State University, Ryan developed a keen interest in the study of government and politics.

But it wasn’t until his first experience interning with the legal department of a state agency that he realized the importance of the work attorneys do. During his internship, many of the attorneys he worked with happened to be Capital University Law School graduates. After many discussions with these attorneys, Ryan came to discover the vast network of CapLaw alumni throughout the legal community.

“Realizing the important work that so many Capital Law-educated attorneys were doing throughout the state, attending law school at Capital became an easy choice,” Ryan said.

Since then, he has come to enjoy the challenges that his classes offer, and especially his legal writing course because of the invaluable, real-world legal skills it provides.

“Capital really puts an emphasis on providing its students with practical legal knowledge,” he says, “and does a great job of getting students actual legal experience,” which is something Ryan says is important to him.

He has taken advantage of the many opportunities to gain experience and network within the Columbus legal community, as well as the law school’s close proximity to so many businesses and law firms located in the downtown area.

Currently working as a law clerk at a firm in Columbus, Ryan is unsure which type of law he wants to practice but is taking full advantage of all the experiences he can get while still in school. He knows that a rewarding legal career is sure to be challenging, but with the education he’s gained at Capital, he knows he’ll be more than prepared.

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