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Why Tanya Smith Chose Capital

2/19/2019  -  Capital University Law School’s accommodating schedule made it an easy choice for Tanya Smith, L ’20, who works full-time as a paralegal and practice manager for Jones Law Group.

“For me, there really wasn’t a question as to what law school I was going to attend,” she says. “Capital is the only law school in the area that has a section devoted to full-time working adults like myself. The small class sizes allow the professors, who are all amazing by the way, to devote one-on-one assistance and guidance to their students.

“Additionally, Cap has a great reputation in the Columbus area and a good bar passage rate. Besides, five of the six attorneys in the firm I work at also attended Cap – most as evening students – and told me how fabulous the Cap fam is.”

Tanya earned her bachelor of arts degree in public administration from Capital University, and an associate of applied business degree from Miami-Jacobs Career College, with a concentration in paralegal studies.

In 2011, after fulfilling her externship requirement for her associate’s degree in paralegal studies at Jones Law Group, Tanya was extended a job offer as a paralegal and has been with the firm ever since. She is now the office manager and plans on practicing there after passing the bar. She says her practice areas will likely be in general practice, including contracts, business and creditor’s rights.

When she is not working or studying, Tanya seeks out other adventures, including skydiving, hiking and rock climbing.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach too,” she says, “but getting to the top of that mountain. Now, that’s exhilarating! You know you accomplished what you set out to do and I can’t really explain how good that feels.”

She adds that she imagines graduating from law school will be a similar thrill.

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