Life Care Planner Program - Capital University Law School

Life Care Planner Program

  • We are accepting applications for the May 2019 cohort.  The application deadline is April 5, 2019.  Please note:  We must have a minimum class size of 3 students registered to begin LCP classes on May 1.   

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    Medical professionals often interact with lawyers, economists, and other rehabilitation professionals. The Life Care Planner Program at Capital University Law School prepares you for those interactions. Our program is the only one in the country affiliated with an American Bar Association accredited law school and a major university. These are distinguishing and attractive credentials in the legal community.

    The program is approved by the International Commission on Healthcare Certification (“ICHCC”). We provide students with 136 hours of graduate level training, more than the 120 required hours candidates need to sit for the Certified Life Care Planner certification examination.

    The training consists of five online, distance delivery modules and one onsite Trial Practice module held at the Law School. During the online modules, you will receive instruction by video lectures, conference calls with instructors and your classmates, as well as online discussions and assignments. The “capstone” project consists of preparing a life care plan based on a real life scenario. This requires everyone to review medical records, gather resources, and prepare the life care plan. Our instructors review the plan as part of the peer-review requirement for certification as a life care planner.

    The culmination of the program takes place during the onsite Trial Skills module at the Law School. During this module, you will learn from experienced trial attorneys the skills needed to give a deposition and defend your life care plan. And then you will put those newly developed skills into practice by giving a deposition and defending your life care plan in a mock courtroom setting. The attorneys will question you on direct and cross-examination in our state-of-the-art courtroom. A judge will oversee the proceedings, and jurors will provide real-time feedback about the strength and weaknesses of your testimony.

    (Please note: We must have a minimum of three students admitted into the program and committed to registering for classes in order to move forward with each new cohort. The maximum number of students in each LCP cohort is 9.)


    I chose this program because the curriculum was taught by practicing Life Care Planners who each had a long history of working in this field. The class times were convenient and the instructors spent time at each session answering individual questions. Throughout this program I felt my learning experience was important to the Capital University Law School LCP Program instructors and staff. I am happy to say that prior to graduation I was able to independently write and defend a life care plan that I had written. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in attending an established university that provides an excellent educational foundation as a Life Care Planner.

    Susan DeMasters - 2017 Graduate