ICHCC Review Course and Certification Exam - Capital University Law School

ICHCC Review Course and Certification Exam

  • We invite the ICHCC to come to the Law School right after the onsite module so you do not have to make separate arrangements for the CLCP review course and certification exam. On the Monday immediately after the Trial Practice weekend, a representative of the ICHCC will conduct an intensive CLCP exam-review course. The next day, the ICHCC representative will administer the life care planner certification exam onsite at the Law School. Students will receive the exam results after completing the test.

    PLEASE NOTE: All costs associated with certification, including the ICHCC application and examination, as well as the exam-review course and materials, are in addition to the costs of this program. You may find out about the ICHCC’s application and examination fees at http://www.ichcc.org/.

    The LCP Program hosts the review course at a cost to students of $150 (subject to increase), payable to Capital University Law School.

    The review course materials cost $60 (subject to increase), payable to the ICHCC at the start of the review course. You also may order the review course materials at any time through the ICHCC.

    For additional questions about the review course and CLCP certification exam, please contact the ICHCC.