Grad Law Learning Outcomes - Capital University Law School

Grad Law Learning Outcomes

  • Graduate Law Programs (LL.M. and M.T.) Learning Outcomes 

    Upon completion of the LLM or MT program, students will have achieved competency in the following areas:

    Legal Knowledge:   Students will be able to understand substantive and procedural aspects of the U.S. tax systems for the Tax program and of a broad range of business and corporate laws for the Business program.

    Legal Analysis:  Students will be able to analyze, synthesize and critically apply relevant tax or business laws to a set of facts by using appropriate legal reasoning skills.

    Legal Research:  Students will be able to use appropriate legal research sources to address tax or business issues.

    Oral and Written Communications:  Students will be able to communicate effectively, both written or orally, to articulate solutions for tax or business issues, either for transactional or litigation matters.

    Problem Solving:  Students will be able to identify and articulate legal problems with respect to tax and/or business law issues and to competently express satisfactory options for addressing such issues and finding workable solutions.

    Professionalism:  Students will be able to identify fundamental ethical obligations of practicing as a tax practitioner or in-house counsel.

    Interpersonal Skills:  Students will be able to understand and develop the ability to collaborate with others effectively and to treat others with dignity and respect.

    Updated: 11/1/2017