First Year Legal Writing Program - Capital University Law School

First Year Legal Writing Program

  • All students are required to complete the first-year Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing course, an intensive 4-credit hour course that spans the students’ entire first year. The course is taught in small sections of 20-25 students by the law school’s full-time writing faculty, who bring a wide variety of practice experiences to the classroom. 

    The course teaches students how:

    • to be efficient legal researchers using a variety of print and online resources;
    • to develop logical and in-depth analysis of each issue presented;
    • to write succinctly and appropriately for the audience being addressed; and 
    • to present the document in a professional manner.

    Students enrolled in the day sections have two semesters of the course. The focus of the fall semester is on legal research and predictive writing. The focus shifts to persuasive writing in the spring semester. 

    Evening students complete the course over three semesters rather than two. Evening students learn predictive writing in the fall semester, research in the spring semester, and persuasive writing in the summer semester. 

    Both day and evening students learn and develop legal analysis skills throughout the entire course.