Christian Legal Society - Capital University Law School

Christian Legal Society

  • Christian Legal Society ("CLS") seeks to:

    • Serve as a national grassroots network of lawyers and law students, committed to proclaiming, loving and serving Jesus Christ through all that its members do and say in the practice of law.
    • Avocate biblical conflict reconciliation, public justice, religious freedom and the sanctity of human life.
    • Develop strategic networks for the common good with organizations on the political left and right; with evangelical, fundamentalist and mainline denominations; and with key law professors, church-state experts, and national “opinion makers.”
    2018-2019 Leadership 
    President: Zach Miller
    Advisor: Professor Anderson

    Historical Information 
    2017-2018 Leadership 
    President: Zach Miller
    Vice President: Vanessa Butler
    Treasurer: Paul Strobel
    Secretary: Max Taylor
    Advisor: Professor Anderson

    2016-2017 Leadership 
    President: Paul Strobel
    Vice President: Vanessa Butler
    Treasurer: Chris Orndorff
    Secretary: Kelsey Golec
    2015-2016 Leadership 
    President: James Choi
    Vice President: Joseph Braun
    Treasurer: Alicia Walter
    Secretary: Kelsey Golec

    2014-2015 Leadership 
    President: James Choi
    Vice President: Chris Isbel
    Treasurer: Alicia Walter
    Community Service Chair: Erica Hutchison
    Fundraising Chair: Kathy Nguyen
    At large member: Joseph Braun
    2013-2014 Leadership
    President: Amanda Florio
    Vice President: Jared Lee
    Treasurer: Erica Hutchison
    Community Service Chair: Vijay Veerula
    Fundraising Chair: Erin Burton
    Chaplain: Mona Sprague
    Communications Co-Chair: Johnna Evans
    Communications Co-Chair: Jywana Brown

     2012-2013 Leadership 

    President: Ryan Hetsler
    Vice President: Vijay Veerula
    Treasurer: Anna Lou
    Community Service Chair: Erin Burton
    Fundraising Chair: Amanda Florio
    2L Representative: Ramona Sprague
    Advisor: Professor Mike Distelhorst